Nuget Scrip Card Instructions

The Chorale gratefully accepts donations to:

  • Buy music;
  • Pay professional instrumentalists;
  • Obtain facilities with beautiful acoustics in which to perform.

It’s so easy!  There’s no need to preload your card, and the program is absolutely free, with no cost to you or the Davis Chorale.  Simply take a card, register it online, and present it to the cashier each time you shop. Multiple cards can be registered under one family member so monthly purchases earn a greater percentage. Cards carry no cash value, so no need to worry if your card gets lost or stolen.


How to Use your Nugget Scrip Card

Take it, it’s yours!

Then take another one, for anyone in your family who shops, even occasionally at Nugget Markets.


Register and activate it, it works!

Go online to  Scroll down until you see the text, “Online Registration” and click.

You’ll be sent to a logon screen.  To register in the scrip program, read through the terms of agreement, create your user name and password and fill out some basic contact information.

Once registered, you have an account and can log in to the site.  Now each time you log in, you may verify or modify your contact information.

Activate each card by entering each card’s serial number and the user’s name where requested.  By activating multiple cards under the same account, you increase the value of your donations to the Davis Chorale.  Your card plus any others you’ve listed are now active!


Use it!

Keep the card handy until it becomes a habit to pull it out as you approach the check stand at any Nugget Market.  It’s important to give the card before your purchases are rung up.  The checker swipes it and gives it right back.  It’s so easy—just remember to take that small step.